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The tie bet is one of the variations of the Asian handicap that is most popular with many people. With an extremely high probability of winning and simple prediction, this type of betting has become popular and sought after by many people. If you are one of the bettors who wants to learn about it, the article shared by Jiliasia today is the information for you, don’t miss it.

What Does a Draw Handicap?

What Does a Draw Handicap?

The draw handicap is also known by bettors as the equal ball bet, draw handicap or zero bet,… this is one of the variations of the popular Asian handicap betting type. In particular, this type of betting is often offered by bookmakers for matches that are balanced, meaning there is no difference in strength between the two teams.

Because it only appears in matches where there is no difference between the two teams. Therefore, you will often encounter this type when watching football matches in tournaments such as C1 finals, World Cup, Euro, etc. Thereby, if you want to participate in playing and catch this type of bet, then you should Come and watch the matches in these tournaments.

How to Read Draw Handicap Easily Understand

How to Read Draw Handicap Easily Understand

Certainly, to participate in betting successfully, players need to clearly understand how to read the draw handicap. Accordingly, you only need to refer to the content shared below to be able to easily imagine how to play the bet.

How to read odds

When participating in the draw handicap, you will be able to bet on 1 of 3 bets including the upper win, the lower win or draw. As follows.

  • The favorite team wins: If the favorite team wins, the player following this favorite will win the prize money.
  • Underdog team wins: On the contrary, if the underdog team wins, then those who followed this team will win the bet. The player who takes the upper hand will lose the match.
  • Draw: Finally, if the match results in a draw, the player will receive a refund. That means you will receive back the full amount you originally placed.

Specific examples

In the match between England and France, the Draw Handicap given are 0 1.5/1.8. This ratio will be understood as follows.

  • 0: This is the number that represents the handicap, which means that at this time the match will have a handicap of 0 goals.
  • 1.5: And this is the bonus rate if England wins.
  • 1.8: Finally, 1.8 is the payout rate if the French team wins.
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Accordingly, if the player chooses England and this team wins. Then you will receive a bonus amount 1.5 times the initial bet amount. On the contrary, if the English team loses, you will lose all the money you bet.

Similarly, if you bet on the French team and France wins, you will receive a bonus 1.8 times the initial bet amount. And if France loses, then the player will lose all bets.

Tips for Playing Tie Bets to Win Easily

Tips for Playing Tie Bets to Win Easily

Here are some easy-to-win tips for playing draw handicap, compiled from expert players. Readers can save and apply when participating in this type of betting.

  • In case the home team has a higher position on the rankings than the away team, then you should lock the home team to easily win.
  • Besides, if the team representing the lower position has a weak defense, and the team representing the upper position has a strong attack, then the player should choose the team representing the upper position.
  • In addition, if the home team represented by the underdog has strong strikers, players should also bet on this team to increase their chances of winning.

Important Notes to Keep in Mind When Playing Draw Handicap

Besides the playing tips, you need to clearly understand the following notes when participating in tie betting. This will help bettors participate in entertainment smoothly without any risks.

Play at a reputable house

First, players need to pay attention to the location where they will play ball betting. In the current market, it is not too difficult to find a playground that offers betting odds. However, finding a reputable and quality location is not easy. Thereby, to have worthy, quality experiences and be fully compensated. You need to seriously search and play at reputable bookmakers.

Financial management

In fact, no matter how much you win, if you don’t know how to manage your capital, running out of money is a common occurrence. Therefore, to be able to preserve your finances when playing, you need to know how to manage your capital. 

Specifically, players should absolutely not play all their assets in one match. Instead, break it up and participate in more matches. This not only helps bettors have more interesting experiences, but also helps you consolidate your capital and make it difficult to lose everything.

Know when to stop

Besides financial management, players also need to know when to stop. Whether you win or lose, knowing when to stop is an important note that players should follow. This will help you play happily without affecting your daily life much.

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Ideally, bettors should set limits on time, finances, and the number of matches they participate in a day. When this limit is reached, players need to stop immediately and wait for the next day before playing again. Only then can you bet happily and without risk.


Draw Handicap are always one of the betting focuses for football betting enthusiasts. With simple gameplay and the possibility of winning huge prizes, it is guaranteed to bring you many great experiences when participating. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly join this interesting type of bet right at Jiliasia.

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